Website Launch

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Date: May 4th, 2020

Turbo BPO Outsourcing is 95% complete. All major functions and features are installed, tested and working for the initial rollout.

Turbo BPO Automation is 50% complete with an expected availability by August 31, 2020. What remains lacking:

  • iForm Calculations
  • iForm CSV Uploader
  • iForm Values & Comments
  • iForm Templates
  • iFill Integration

This is our 4th software version. Versions 1 through 3 were developed by a variety of programmers within the last 5 years. During these times we added upgrades and automation features to streamline this business process but the original version wasn’t designed to scale. With high order volume both Clients & Contractors would experience excessive load times. There was no easy fix because the database architecture needed to be rebuilt.

The "Revamped Pipeline" is utilizing the most scalable containerized microservice architecture coupled with React.js framework and is being hosted on Amazon Web Services.